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Types of Good Social Media Content to Post

Understanding what is good social media content to post on social media platforms can be a challenging endeavor, one to concentrate on seriously. It is important to first plan and schedule your social media posting so that you are not scrambling each day to decide what to post. Map out a plan at least one month in advance so that you have ideas of what to post and when.

It is essential to create a conversation on social media websites. The point of social media sites in the current digital marketplace is to create content that generates feedback from your viewers and followers. One way to achieve this is to ask thought-provoking questions that prompt participation. Let your viewers and followers share their opinion. These kinds of questions also show you your audience that you value their views.

When receiving feedback, it is important to respond in a timely fashion. This applies to both positive and negative responses. This shows that you care and value what people are saying. There are actually positive ways to respond to a negative comment, and it is always a bonus to be able to satisfy a previously disgruntled customer or social media follower.

Educate rather than advertise. This is a tricky concept, you do not want to come across simply as an ongoing advertisement for your business. You will get more response and results by providing informative, educational information, rather than simply advertising your services or product. How do you do this?

Providing links to “how to” articles is one way to educate readers. You can also offer advice from an expert source or provide hints & tips to help your viewers make a better buying decision. These should be geared towards your product, so that the viewer wants to purchase your product or services based on what they just learned as a result of your social media post.

Repackaging content is another method for receiving more social media activity. Post links to new content that has been generated for your main website to make viewers aware that you have new information available and that you are consistent with your updating of new information. Post something related to a previous post that received a good amount of feedback, this keeps the conversation going and gives viewers a new concept to consider while reminding them about the previous, related concept that you have posted.

Incorporate visuals and multimedia into your social media. Visually engaging posts can generate many views and responses because they are aesthetically pleasing and easier to look at than simple, plain text.

Remember to make your content that you post sharable so that those who find it interesting and/or informative, can share with others. This will generate a bigger audience and result in more positive feedback and potential buyers.

Lastly, it is essential to have a unique selling proposition. This makes your brand one-of-a-kind and shows your audience that you are the only business where they can find the best, quality product or service that you offer. Following these tips will allow you to post good social media content that will likely gain attention and result with an increase in business.