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The Big Remember

For the futurist out there, first I read this article by John Timpane which made me wonder: Will the act of connecting to the internet become so ubiquitous that we will forget that it is there? The big forget as he called it. Rather we will focus on the end devices that are connecting to the Internet and what they can do for us.

Then I sat in on a webinar about Google’s algorithm changes Understanding Google’s Hummingbird And What To Feed It.The presenter Michael Marshall also put forth some futuristic ideas. He noted that Google was no longer just a search engine but had moved beyond this toward wanting to be our digital personal assistant.

Finally there I was using the WSI K2 big data engine which is an exciting combination of an intranet, social media platform and knowledge management online application. K2 is the next generation bulletin board, forum, search engine, research platform, social media community all combined.

For me, today I remembered that as a culture, we really are only at the genesis of the Internet age.