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The Anatomy of an Optimized Landing Page

What is a landing page? This is any web page a user lands on. But more specifically it is a particular page in a website that a user is taken to when they click on a link – organically or through paid advertisements. Landing pages are critical when it comes to conversion. It’ll determine whether the site visitor find your content helpful to them or not. What are the criteria of a powerful and optimized landing page that converts?

Here are some helpful guidelines to keep potential customers attracted to your brand and product.

Know what you want to accomplish

Whether you want to increase your website traffic, grow your email list or directly sell your products, knowing what you want to accomplish for your brand is a must before starting out a campaign. Once you’ve decided upon a strategy, you can start creating landing pages to support your business’ needs.

Create catchy headlines.

Creating catchy titles can attract clicks to your landing page. Also, this a headline can also determine if a reader will still be interested in reading the rest of your content. So squeeze your creative juices and compose a headline that exudes strong emotion while offering a solution to a problem. Or, the use of controversial titles also yields higher clickthrough rates and make your content exciting to read, but be careful not to go overboard. A headline that actually converts should capture the content and intent of your landing page.

Good Design – Stay on-topic.

Having people click on your link is a good stepping stone. But keeping them hooked on what your landing page has to offer is among the most difficult parts of online marketing. Make sure to deliver compelling content that will cater to your visitor’s emotions, problems and expectations and not to lure them into something they didn’t signed up for. It’s a waste of time for you and the user. Plus, your ad and your landing page can be flagged by the search engines as spam or a link bait.

Make a sensible call-to-action.

Online advertisements and pay-per-click ads are graded by the ad and landing page performance. If the page has higher bounce rates, it can be due to low-quality content.  In order to boost engagement, a powerful call-to-action is a must to turn your visitors into customers.

Test, Measure and Repeat

Other factors that are involved in an optimized landing page are as follows:

  • Web-page speed
  • Choice of keywords
  • Working navigation tab and links
  • Social Proof or product testimonials from real people
  • Product benefits
  • Engagement