Points to Consider to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

As an internet marketer, driving traffic towards your website is not enough to have a successful business. But making conversions from your visitors may be. Creating these conversions from all marketing strategies should be one of your utmost priorities to make your business profitable.
Below are some tips that can help utilize the website traffic you’re getting and turn them to your customers.

Create relevant and engaging landing pages. Whether they came into your website through search engines, a paid ad, from social media or from a website referral, it is very important to make your landing pages relevant to what the user needs. Or else, they wouldn’t bother to scroll down to read the entire page and what your website has to offer.

Test your website speed. If you site is made up of several banners, a video or high resolution photos, have your website tested for its speed. In the world where people can’t stand to wait, it is imperative to have a fast-loading website. If not, chances are, you can wave goodbye to your potential customer if your page wouldn’t load within 3 seconds. Having an equipped graphic web designer team can help keep boost the site’s loading performance without sacrificing the quality of the site’s content.

Do on-page optimization. You can simply start by optimizing your webpages’ meta descriptions, H1 tags, keyword density, making sure overall site navigation tabs and links are working and doing 301 redirects for broken pages. Doing these techniques can help you land a targeted visitor that has higher potential to turn into a customers.

Use catchy headlines and irresistible call-to-actions. Always make it a point to create creative headlines that can catch a visitor’s attention. Moreover, pointing out the strengths of what your products and services should also be highlighted on your call-to-action area to increase the chances of website conversion.

Follow up. In the old days this might have been making a phone call or sending a letter.  It still can be but you can also follow up via targeted ads.

These ads display to people after they visit and leave your website.  This reinforces your product or service brand name and studies show creates a 7 x stronger conversion rate.

Does your website need monetization or conversion help? WSI Websense will be happy to work with you to determine the best strategies that are suited to your business needs. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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