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Email Marketing – Why List Building and Email Marketing is Important

Email marketing is not obsolete in spite of the continuously rising use of social media. Businesses benefit when both campaigns are implemented hand-in-hand. If used successfully, increased website traffic is expected, prospects are likely to visit your website and generate conversions.

The Importance of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a viable avenue to communicate and stay personally in touch with both your prospects and customers. We believe that receiving an email has a more personal feel compared to delivering a message via tweets, comments, wall posts and chat. An personal email means someone made an effort to relay an important message addressed to you, for your own viewing – not for the public to see.

People rarely give away their personal email addresses on public sites. They only disclose it to their colleagues, work mates, business partners, family and selected friends. People guard their accounts to avoid spam messages that hold no value. Hence, if a visitor signed up on your email list, it goes to show that your prospect is genuinely interested in the product or service your business has to offer.

On your end, you must establish rapport and trust with relevant and timely follow-up emails. Building a strong relationship with your prospects increases chances of getting sales in the future. Once your prospect has turned into customer, it shouldn’t end there. Releasing new blog posts or new products will keep your customers updated. Not only does it contribute to the amount of website traffic you’re getting, the possibility of additional purchases or referrals is likely to happen.

Benefits of List Building and Email Marketing

  • One of the most cost-effective and cheapest marketing campaigns. You’ll need an autoresponder software to help you capture leads and send scheduled emails.
  • Engagement is higher; according to studies and claims from a reputable sources, emails tend to have higher click-through rates compared to social media and ads.
  • People who opt-in can easily receive updates on new product lines, company updates, deals, discounts or a new post on your website.
  • Email marketing tends to have a personalized approach to reach your audience that appeals to many people.
  • It increases your prospect and client base.