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What Lies Ahead for Marketing Automation?

As the year ends, we asked the experts about what lies ahead for marketing automation.  It seems that the experts agree and the future of these systems seems bright. According to Email Monday, 49% of companies today are using some form of marketing automation. Using these automated systems has enabled marketers to focus on core activities to improve time management and work efficiency. From email to social media, marketing automation takes the burden off humans. The programs automate the business process through marketing funnels and communication.

Marketing automation programs have become the core of marketing intelligence.  By tracking a buyer’s individual journey on your website and other properties, marketers can provide useful guidance and information to the buyer.  This also gives businesses user behavior metrics for people in the “middle of the funnel”. For the first time, businesses can digitally nurture leads through the buying process.

Since marketing automation is relatively new, many are confused by the purpose and the opportunities. See how marketing automation delivered on its primary purpose for my colleague who shares her in-depth insights about the future of marketing automation. Learn more about a marketing automation experience.

Benefits of Marketing Automation for Buyers

Buyers benefit from the customized content and processes that can be delivered with marketing automation programs.  They also benefit when businesses have to focus on their needs vs. just pushing out information and sales speech.  An automation program can remind buyers when their last purchase was made, when the next scheduled appointment is due, what wines on their favorite list match various meals and so on.

These programs can also integrate all the various ways a buyer interfaces and engages with your company.  The integration of social media, website activity and in store or in person activity can streamline all buying decisions and actions.

What lies ahead for Marketing Automation?

What lies ahead for Marketing Automation? The next phase of marketing automation will be about developing strategies to better integrate insightful information about your prospects and customers. Another critical growth will be the ability to use the data gathered creatively to make better connections and build deeper relationships.

Businesses need to continuously innovate and improve as the competition for customer loyalty continues to intensify. To learn more about marketing automation, and how you can integrate it into your digital marketing, contact WSI WebSense today.