Utilizing Google Analytics to Improve Website Performance and Increase Conversion Rate

Whether you like numbers or not, part of measuring a business’ digital marketing campaign involves analyzing multiple numbers and data. This process is integral in one’s business to gauge if the campaigns launched have met their goal or not. Monitoring these statistics can tell you if your website performance has improved, which pages convert, which online strategies are performing and which need more improvement.

Google Analytics to Improve Website Performance

Google Analytics is a comprehensive tool that every webmaster and business owner must use to analyze online data. It’s one of the handiest analytic tools, and fortunately, it’s free. This tool enables one to monitor:

    • website traffic (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or a yearly basis)
    • returning website visitors vs. new visitors
    • user demographics (country, state, county, community); gender, age
    • web page performance (entry, exit points, pageviews, real-time page views, average time spent on website/page, bounce rate)
    • channels (organic efforts, referral sites, keywords used, social)
  • Google Adwords integration/syncing (monitoring of online ad campaigns) and so much more.

By using Google Analytics you can improve your website performance.  It may be intimidating and overwhelming at first, but we’ll help you get through your frustrations.  The information available gives the webmaster the ability to identify areas that improve your overall website performance. 

Google Analytics to Increase Conversion Rate

In addition to the basic information above, there are many ways to parse the data.  This allows you to identify visitor paths, exit points, time on site and more.  Once you know website user behavior, you can improve your conversion rates.  

How to Start Using Google Analytics

If your problem is that you don’t know where to start, you’re in for a treat! Join us for our  “Using Web Data to Improve Online Conversions” webinar and we’ll walk you through a case study using web data.  This webinar is the perfect primer for those struggling with analytics.
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