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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the most neglected social media platform. People originally thought of LinedIn as an online resume file and only used the network when job seeking. Many of us think it is a boring place to socialize with serious professionals. Well in fact, connecting with people who are well versed and skilled in their industry broadens your knowledge base and expands your professional network.

We like to tell our clients to set up their personal profile and business page to get noticed. To be noticed, you will have to optimize.

Steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile to get noticed and for better search optimization in an easy to follow infographic by Buffer.

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
Apply these optimization techniques and connect with others on LinkedIn. Make sure to stay active on a daily basis, share posts that are relevant and make this professional social media environment a productive place. You’ll be surprised how many people will want to connect with you and the amount of traffic you’ll get if you own a website.