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How to Get Your Content to Go Viral Through Social Media

Who’s not an avid user of social media these days? Surely, you have liked, commented and shared an article or video to your personal network because it was loaded with useful information. Or maybe there was something about that particular post you just couldn’t help but share or tag your friends with!

If you’re a frustrated internet marketer wondering, how can my awesome content go viral like Buzzfeed’s? Read on as we unleash top tips on how to create a shareable social media content that can reach and be shared by hundreds to thousands of people within a few days!

  1. Know your readers – Before crafting your content, it is a must to do intensive research first. Through research, you get to know your targeted audience, their likes and dislikes, their problems, habits and many other characteristics that can help you establish a topic and a relatable persona you’re about to write.
  2. Keep it natural – People who share content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and any other social media platform are real people. If you want to connect with them, make your content appear and sound natural – easy to read and understandable (like talking to an eight-year old child or at least not above eighth grade reading level).
  3. Make your presentation pleasing to the eye – One of the factors that makes content go viral in social media is its visual appeal. People prefer to share infographics that can be easily read and understood vs long articles. Make sure to use or create a relevant image that is eye-catching and can entice readers to comment, like and share your post!
  4. Add a personal flare to your content – People like to hear and read other people’s reactions and thoughts! If you’ll observe a post that’s gone viral on Facebook, most interactions are replys from a person’s comments and personal thoughts. The bottomline is that, people are likely to respond to posts that are human and have a touch of personality rather than a boring post that is most likely from a bot.
  5. Posts content in a timely and consistent manner – In order for people to recognize your brand, you need to keep up with the hottest topics and trends that your followers wants to see. But remember to share timely content that is still relevant to your business industry.
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