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Google + Search = Google on Steroids

We knew it would happen and now Google will begin integrating your world into your search options. With a Google+ profile you will be able to see what the people and places in your world think and do. Google calls this access to “your web.” So instead of all the public information that is already available to everyone searching via Google, you will see information that you or your circle of friends posted into Google’s new social network.
Let’s see how it works…

So Google is bringing your larger world to your search results. For example, iIf I am looking for a restaurant in Atlanta, GA my search results will now show me that my friend Jazmine wrote a review for Pasta Vino Atlanta and I might like to go there. And it will show the images that Will Miller posted for the same restaurant. It might also show that Sarah has checked in here often. Is this useful? I think so for some searches and not for others. This is where you have a toggle option to change from social search to total search. Genius?

Google’s new search tools will only pull you further in, ensuring that their social engine is top of mind for your searches. As Google sees it, you’re getting more relevant results, because this is the information and the people you choose to connect with in the first place.

Google+ also gives you many opportunities to expand your network and explore beyond your friends and family. I personally can go into Google+ and be lost for days! Check it out and add me to your circles (Please!) and on a good day, we could hang out.

If you want more information on how Google+ is integrating into Google search, please check out the article on Mashable.