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Email Marketing and Social Media – A Good Marketing Mix

Widely spread rumors that email marketing is dead continue in spite of evidence to the contrary. If you’re one of those who believes it to be true, you’re wrong! In fact, email marketing is alive and is still a great avenue for customer follow-up and conversion.

Email Marketing is Alive and Still Hanging On

In case you’re still not persuaded, Google’s senior vice president Sundar Pichai states that 75% of the 900 million Gmail users access their accounts through mobile. That alone is enough proof that people are still reading emails just like in the early 2000s. Even though many of us think that email marketing is a thing of the past, a significant opportunity still exists.
Creating a strategic email marketing campaign requires several initiatives. If you already understand your audience’s different buyer personas, have the content needed and email marketing tools at hand, you’re off to a great start! Integration and implementation of these initiatives come next. A well-thought out and engaging email marketing campaign will not only enable your business to grow but will allow you to convert leads into customers.

Email Marketing and Social Media is a Complimentary Mix

Email marketing and social media marketing have their strengths and weaknesses. Personalized emails excel in conversion while social media holds the power of higher engagements.

Social media is an effective strategy for gaining online visibility with prospects who are actively looking for relevant content. Email marketing, on the other hand, can then be utilized to communicate directly with your leads who opted in to receive relevant content on a regular basis.
If you carefully analyze each quality, you can come up with a grand strategy that enables you to achieve a decent amount of conversions and engagements.  A win-win strategy for both marketing funnels don’t you think?

How to Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing

Encourage your social media followers to sign up for your newsletter to get direct news, events and special promos straight in their inbox! Enable contests that offer freebie to encourage them to sign up. There are many ways to encourage them to sign up; it’s time for you to get creative!
Embed social icons in your outgoing emails. Some individuals on your list may not be a follower on any of your social media profiles. It’s a discreet way to cross-promote your social profiles.

Use Share-With-Your-Network (SWYN) links in your emails to easily allow your subscribers to share email content with their followers. This feature allows them to share with a single click.

Email marketing is still an excellent way to communicate with your prospects and customers. Bottom line, it’s all about integrating your strategies and mixing it up with direct emails and the results can turn out to be amazing. Implementing a combination of social media marketing and emails can yield increased benefits for your business and a great experience to your followers and leads. Have a great time implementing your new strategy!