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Email Marketing Evolving Techniques

Email Marketing Evolving Techniques

It is a fact that Email marketing evolving techniques are changing.  Like all marketing, Email, requires a strategy, creativity, and finesse. People often think of email marketing the same way they did old school advertising. Blast it out and hope it sticks!

That may have worked in the early days of the internet but not any longer. There is too much competition for people’s attention and emails are a great source of distraction. At the same time, email marketing is still the most powerful source of conversion marketing.

However, the successful marketer knows that email marketing requires more planning and evaluation to do it right. People are overwhelmed with marketing messages. From email, to searches, to social feeds, to entertainment banners, to TV, to print to billboards – marketing is everywhere. How do you get your message to stand out?

Best Practices for Email Marketing

Some of the best practices of email marketing have been around for a while.  But before we can address the email marketing evolving techniques, it is best to make sure the basics are covered.

  • First, identify and know your audience so you can tailor the message to fit their needs. Personalize not only the greeting but also the information included in the email.
  • Create customized messages based on segmented lists, dynamic tagging and other techniques.
  • Make sure you plan the users’ journey.  How do you guide the person through the buying journey to the point of conversion. This includes the landing pages, follow up messages, social feeds, and imagery. Conversion can be a purchase or it can simply be reading more or signing up for a newsletter.
  • Test different messages, landing pages, images and subject lines. Don’t think your first try will be your best effort. Test until you find success.
  • Make sure you have a clearly defined sequence and way to follow up with interested parties. We recommend marketing automation to create a workflow that is personalized and targeted.
  • Be sure your email is mobile-friendly. Many of the templates from a couple of years ago look great on a desktop but really do not cut it on mobile devices. Statistic show that 75% of Gmail users access their email via mobile. You cannot create a personal connection if your User experience is lacking.
  • Take advantage of the Mobile design to emphasize white space, build concise and impactful messages, give the user the ability to take action easily.
  • Evolving Techniques include animated email graphics, geo-targeted segmentation and micro-targeting.
  • Make sure your content is relevant. Remember, it’s not about you. Your audience will be turned off quickly if your content is not beneficial to them.

Email is the most direct method of connecting with your clients and prospects. If you keep your branding and initial expectation in mind while sending customized communication to each person, you have a win/win proposition.

Mix email marketing with your other strategies and you will amplify your reach and grow your business.

Learn more about Email Marketing Evolving Techniques

Want to learn more?  Download this Email Marketing guide to get more in-depth information on how to implement Effective Evolving Email marketing techniques.