eCommerce: A Different Way to Enjoy Shopping

Ecommerce Shopping

As consumers, we’ve all felt it over the past few years: shopping has changed. Whether it’s getting groceries delivered to your door or happily avoiding malls over the holiday season, eCommerce has evolved or should we say, ‘enhanced’ the retail experience.

If you have yet to leverage the potential of eCommerce, here are the hard numbers that’ll give you a good reason to set up a shop in the digital world.

An Infographic: Ecommerce is Changing the Shopping Game

In today’s digital world where everything can be accessed through computers and mobile phones, considering an eCommerce website for your business can be a good investment. Here’s an interesting twist when it comes to numbers: 2015’s eCommerce spending by device breaks down as follows: 72% on a desktop, 15% on a smartphone and 13% on a tablet. So for the time being, yes, users who are using computers is still part of the market.

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