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Best Email Marketing Automation Platforms for Small Businesses

Is your business struggling to find new leads, stay in touch with interested prospects or keep up with your client base?  You are not alone.  Managing a business today is hard enough but now, thanks to user behavior analytics, improved technology and email marketing automation platforms, many tasks and activities can be performed simultaneously and automatically.

As business owners and salespeople, we are no longer able to guide everyone through the buying funnel in the order we choose.  These prospects and clients find their own paths online.  This is one reason that marketing automation is so important for businesses of all sizes. Digital marketers endorse the value of having the best email marketing automation platform for their clients. Some of the remarkable benefits of having this powerful tool include:

Features of the Best Email Marketing Automation Platforms

    • Pre-planned and scheduled email campaigns
    • Deliverability, tracking and follow up monitoring of users
    • Real time email responses triggered by user actions
    • Landing Pages for specific emails
    • Forms specific to the email
    • Dynamic email to be sure you are providing the right information, at the right time and to the right person.
    • Customer Relationship Management database that provides 360o view of the user behavior
    • Segmentation
    • Lead scoring and tracking
    • Integration with social media
    • Integration with ad campaigns
    • User analytics
    • Marketing analytics
    • Sales team analytics
  • Create scalable campaigns, landing pages, and emails that convert site visitors into leads and into paying customers

Why Use Marketing Automation?

Statistics shows that despite several numbers of marketing streams, email marketing is still the leading and number one most used marketing avenue. Here are some reasons why:

    • At least 70% of all companies use email marketing to reach out to their prospects and customers.
    • A high volume of marketing automation users capitalizes on using the email marketing function.
  • Businesses who sends a targeted automated email are more likely to send relevant messages according to a prospect’s or buyer’s behavior. Hence, resulting in a higher email open and click-thru rates.

Stated above are only a few major reasons why email marketing is a powerful marketing stream. With the help of the best marketing automation platform, small businesses can leverage sending out targeted messages to their email list. Moreover, using this fantastic tool allows business owners and marketers to automate email campaigns and help them focus on other marketing avenues.

M7  has partnered with Sharpspring to help local businesses deliver targeted email campaigns and create landing pages that convert.

Sharpspring is a powerful tool for lead generation, customer nurturing and campaign management.

Does your email marketing and CRM make your leads convert? Do you still have low email open rates and click thrus? Still not convinced if marketing automation is right for your business? Here’s one of our resources to help you understand how the system works and why it is a good investment.

Follow the article to find the best email Marketing Automation Platform for your business.